“The world is shaped by two things―
stories told and the memories they leave behind.”

― Vera Nazarian

What’s Your Story? Let’s Turn It Into a Memoir

After a free phone interview we meet to discuss ideas for your legacy project, and to develop a project plan. During the interviews we listen with empathy and compassion, and make sure that all themes you would like to touch on are covered. Once the audio transcriptions are done, we combine the edited text with any other materials you would like to include and craft the particular kind of legacy product that best serves your purpose.


Biographies and Memoirs: Your Life in a Book

From the project’s conception until its completion, we guide you through the process of revisiting and organizing your memories. You provide us with facts, milestones, and meaningful memorabilia, and we craft them into a captivating life story that tells your own story, in your own voice. 

Legacy Letters and Ethical Wills

Many people today agree that the most important legacy we can pass on are not material assets but life stories, so that following generations can learn what direction our lives have taken. A Legacy Letter created by NielsenMemoirs tells your family about the details that have shaped your life, woven into a message of love and gratitude, created while there is still time.

Vintage wooden-handled nib pen and inkwell, on a page of 18th century script.

Life Chronicles for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

A life chronicle project while memories are still accessible engages and stimulates Alzheimer’s and dementia patients and potentially even triggers seemingly lost memories. Storytellers often feel a sense of purpose, while families and friends will be glad to know that the unique characteristics, memories, and family history of their loved one are documented in all their richness and depth.

Consulting for Autobiography Projects

If you are planning on writing your autobiography, but find it difficult to get started, NielsenMemoirs can help you make it happen, until you are ready to have your memoir printed or otherwise preserved. We are always just a phone call or email away, and give you as much or as little assistance as needed.

Senior writes her memoirs on a white sheet of paper with heading.
Opened book is lying on the boards on a golden background. Close-up. Diagonal composition

Tribute Books

NielsenMemoirs has all the tools to weave stories, pictures and memorabilia together so your unique narrative behind the pictures will come alive for generations to come. We create tribute books for weddings, births, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and any other milestone or event you would like to celebrate.

Digital Travel Scrapbooks

A NielsenMemoir digital scrapbook combines all your scanned travel memorabilia, photos and stories in a beautiful travel memoir that lets you relive special times and share them with family and friends again and again.


Narrated Digital Photo Albums

With the click of a button, the narrated slide show begins to run on a digital play book. Photographs and stills from memorabilia are enhanced with audio clips and music, telling the intriguing details behind the pictures. We design the project, record the storyteller’s voice, help choose images, and put it all together. Narrated digital photo albums come with customized covers and make a priceless gift for family and friends.

Guided Autobiography Classes

For all who intend to write their own biography, we offer 10-week guided autobiography groups. Short structured assignments designed to recall and explore details of life events are shared with a small group of receptive and encouraging classmates. While connecting with one another on their journeys of self-discovery, participants feel energized by the group experience and inspired by the reflections of their own history, as well as the stories of their classmates.

This service is also available as an individual coaching class.

Mature student in class
Senior lady portrait

Capsule Biographies

Research has found that providing personal information to care teams increases empathy and helps establish a deeper connection between caretakers, patients, and family members. A capsule biography can improve the quality of care and help the team guide patients and families in care-taking decisions. And best of all: Storytellers love to be engaged in this uplifting process.

Deciphering of Old German (Sütterlin/Kurrent) Script

Do you have old handwritten German documents in your family, such as correspondence, wills, or birth certificates that are written in German cursive? Few German speakers are still able to read Sütterlin, or Kurrent script. NielsenMemoirs offers Sütterlin transcriptions, so you can finally unlock the treasures in these documents.