“Stories are part of the most precious heritage of mankind.”

― Tahir Shah

Our Philosophy

Every life journey is composed of a wealth of experiences — lessons learned, insights we have gained, and the values that guide us. NielsenMemoirs expertly captures the stories behind facts and photographs, weaving them into a compelling narrative that honors your individual life experience.

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Our Mission

At NielsenMemoirs, our mission is to create beautiful and timeless legacy products preserve them for future generations. By guiding our clients through highly confidential oral history interviews, we help them to pass on their intangible legacy on to family and friends so they can take comfort in knowing that the details of their lives will not be forgotten.

About Britta Nielsen

Britta began her professional life as a human resources professional in Germany. A course in oral history connected her with her passion for storytelling and the human experience. Certification as a Life Review and Reminiscence Facilitator at the University of Wisconsin and as a Guided Autobiography instructor at the Birren Institute for Autobiographical Studies, combined with her background in psychology, writing, and teaching, gave her a solid foundation to launch NielsenMemoirs in 2014.

Britta has been helping both English-speaking and German-speaking clients honor their memories in form of biographies, legacy letters, tribute books, and other life story projects. An expert in deciphering Sütterlin script, she has helped families salvage texts in old German handwriting. She puts her story crafting skills to good use at several not-for-profit organizations. As the co-chair of the Personal Historians Northeast Network, as a board member of the International Center for Life Story Integration and Practice (ICLIP) at the University of Connecticut, and as Communications Director at the nonprofit organization Jou Nouvo she actively supports the growing public interest in life story review.



- Mike V.

“Britta’s beautiful prose captured the salient details of our lives, and those in the preceding generations. We are thankful for her poignant rendering of our family history, and grateful to be able to give this precious gift to our children”.

- Susie W.

Britta drew out our family stories with great sensitivity and attention to detail. It is truly a gift not only to know the questions to ask and the historical threads to pursue, but to do so in a way that shows great respect and insight.”

- Inga N.

“The Legacy letter Britta created for us is an eloquently written narrative that shares both my husband’s and my family’s histories, elegantly weaving together our mutual values, hopes and dreams for our children. Our family will treasure this well-written and well-crafted document for 
generations to come.”

- Maggie M.

“Britta helped me to document and communicate my story beautifully. We spent many hours in quiet conversation to ensure that the most important and meaningful nuggets of my life, my late husband’s life and our life with our two wonderful sons was articulated. I look forward to sharing this rich and loving snapshot of our family’s story with my children.”

- Gaby H.

“I highly recommend this project to others who wish to share something very personal with their loved ones. My father’s life story will help us tell our family history to our new daughter-in-law and our future grandchildren, so they can learn how my parents moved through life, and what was important to them.”

- Christal B.

“All those photos and letters piled up and cluttered the office… until Britta came in and worked her magic. And voilà - now we have our beautiful photo books and the chaos is tamed!”

- Lucas R.

“My mother was already quite frail when we started working with Britta on her book. The bi-weekly interviews invigorated her. All of a sudden she felt that she had a newly found purpose and looked forward to every interview session.”